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ZENERGO Recycling has gone through many changes during its existence, starting with the idea of helping to recycle plastics and avoiding the unnecessary incineration of reusable material. We call it "Recycling Squared".
We purchased 3 separate separators and our "Cinderella" was able to start working. In the first year we tried about 150 different mixes of materials looking for a diamond to work with. We are currently processing 95% PET Flakes and Fines. 
After challenging beginnings like small hoppers and poor auger speeds, we have gradually improved and perfected everything and can process a large amount of material. 
Currently we can offer both separation of material in service and buy-back of material, which we sort and sell on our own.  We deal with the sorting of plastic granulate and crumb, where in addition to the colour and static separation of non-magnetic and magnetic metals, we can also separate dissimilar material of the same colour composition. e.g. PE/ABS. You can even just sieve the materials and remove the small fraction that some customers have a problem with. 
We put all our materials in new BigBags with the ZENERGO RECYCLING label, which not only prevents contamination of the material, but the BigBags also represent us.
In 2021, a new hall was built where we will improve the working conditions for the machines and make further improvements and enhancements to the separation process, which include, for example, drying the material.
In addition to the Czech Republic, our biggest business partners are from Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy and the UK.  In addition to our sales force, we also provide buying and selling of materials between EU countries.

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